Aftershave • Smells Great • No Burn
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Aftershave • Smells Great • No Burn

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Our Smooth Aftershave
•Cools, Protects and Softens Skin
•Works Immediately.
•It gets rid of dry skin
•Smells delicious 

The Wood and Spice scent is balanced with notes of Citrus and Vetiver. 

How to use aftershave:
Dry your face. Put 2 drops on your hand, then rub on to your face and neck.
Unlike standard aftershaves, our beard oil has no alcohol so it's really soothing and great for your raw skin after you shave.
Its base of Cold Press Organic Jojoba is antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory as well.

Cold press Organic Jojoba Oil
Cold-press Organic Vitamin E
Organic Essential Oils.